Organic Recycling

With our emphasis being on 0% to landfill disposal solutions, we offer a range of organic recycling to recycle as many materials as possible.

We recycle many materials at our own sites, turning them into new materials, such as;

  • Recycled aggregates;
  • Rubble;
  • Topsoil;
  • Compost.

In addition to recycling these materials, e.g. garden, landscape and construction wastes, at one of our sites, we also have plant hire available. With Todd Waste Management's plant hire, we will bring the machine/s to your site, so you can recycle the materials on-site, saving on transportation costs and allowing you to take advantage of the recycled materials. Plant available for hire;

  • Mobile trommel screen;
  • Waste shredder;
  • Waste density separator.
Organic recycling - plant hire
Wood recycling - Organic recycling
Organic recycling - compost

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