Cardboard & Paper

Across our areas of operations, we source, consolidate and bale a number of paper and cardboard grades. We add value to your cardboard and paper grades through our careful approach, we will work with you to ensure your grades of paper and cardboard are presented in the best way to maximise their value.

We regularly supply balers to sites producing vast quantities, down to smaller sites for loose cardboard collections.

Glass Recycling

If your site produces enough glass to fill a 240ltr household wheelie bin, or more, segregating your glass for recycling is ideal, especially in pubs, restaurants and travel & tourism companies. It will allow your business to:

  • Boost its green credentials; 
  • Reduce waste management costs;
  • A full 240ltr glass bin can weigh 100kg, limiting the chances of overweight bin charges.

Food Waste

We can provide your site with a 240ltr wheelie bin, specifically designed for food waste. Having a designated food bin will allow you to:

  • Avoid heavy bin charges;
  • Increase recycling rates;
  • Save on waste management costs.

When mixed with your general waste, it’s difficult to separate your food waste; the contamination onto other wastes limits the chance for them wastes to then be recycled.

Segregating your food waste is a great way for you as a company to see how much food is being wasted, helping you to make savings on production costs.

Plastic Recycling

We will work with you and give you our advice on the plastics you are looking to recycle. We will advise on the different plastics that can be presented together to maximise the value and recycling potential.

All plastics we handle are taken to our central facility, there they are further graded and are put to processes including shredding, washing and granulation. This plastic washing process is unique to us and allows us to truly recycle plastics that other companies have no outlets for.

Unsure if the materials you have are recyclable, contact us, we will be more than happy to help.

We can travel nationwide for your recyclable materials, contact us with your location, the type of material you have and the quantity and we will be in touch.

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